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One Piece

One Piece Fans

The One Piece Fan project is a project dedicated to spreading around One Piece. This is, more or less, a promotional thing for the site. However, it was born out of the idea that there are many smaller One Piece websites out there linking to us, blogs that posted about One Piece HQ, and web spaces that are linking to us for free as a way of thanking us. What we do here is link back to those fan pages as a way of saying thanks back. This achieves three things: 1. This helps make One Piece HQ more popular and thus create more One Piece fans. 2. Helps other people's blogs, websites, and such get more recognition by being linked to from a popular site. 3. Creates a network that joins the One Piece fan base.

So, if you're interested joining the One Piece Fan project (your web page can be anything given it doesn't have any inappropriate content), link to One Piece HQ on your blog, web page, or whatever and send us an email with a link to your page and we'll add you to this page! Anyone can participate.

One Piece Fan List

Submit your site to us by sending an email to onepiecehq@gmail.com with the name of your web page and URL.

Web PageURL
Bryce's Terminalhttp://users.wpi.edu/~bjassmond/index.html