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One Piece

Nico Robin

Nico Robin
Position Archeologist
First Appearance Manga Chapter 114, Anime Episode 67
Age 28
Birthday Febuary 6
Height 172 cm
Bounty 80 Million Belli
Devil Fruit Hana Hana no Mi
Dream To find the "True History".

Nico Robin Biography

Nico Robin, daughter of the popular archeologist Nico Olivia, was born 28 years ago on the island of Ohara in the West Blue. When Robin was only 4 years old, her mother left with a crew of archeologists, leaving Robin alone with her mother's brother. During her entire early childhood, she was treated badly by her uncle and aunt. She was abused and yelled at many times for small reasons, such as trying on her cousins clothes.

It wasn't only her aunt and uncle abusing Robin, but the townspeople were verbally abusing her also. Robin knew that the parents of the other kids told them to stay away from her because of her Devil Fruit ability ( the ability to sprout body parts in different places ). Most children reffered to her as the "Devil Child".

Nico Robin

However, there was one place on the small island of Ohara where Robin could find peace and be happy. It was a library which was located in a huge tree known as the Tree of Knowledge. It was here that Robin first met Professor Clover, who was an archeologist and a friend of Nico Olivia.

Her friendship with the Archeologists at the Lab only grew more and more over the years. She grew to call this new place as home. When she reached a meager 8 years old, she passed the archeologists test and official became an archeologist along with the rest of the people at the lab.

Nico Robin

However, when she mentioned to Professor Clover that her true ambition was to discover the True History, like her mother, she was scolded. Although Professor Clover was only yelling at her to keep her safe, since investigating on anything to do with the True Hisotry is illegal, Robin took it personal and ran off.

Later that same day, she came across a giant who had washed up on shore. The giant tried to scare Robin away, but Robin simply stood there. After Robin found out that the giant wanted water, they both went into a small secluded area on the island. This is when Robin learns this giant's name is Jaguar D. Saulo. Robin asked about the D., but even Saul didn't know what it meant. He only said that everyone in his family had this initial.

A few days passed, and Robin went to Saulo regularly, checking up on him and giving him food. Saulo was resting his leg that had been injured and was making plans to build a raft to move on. One day, however, Saulo discovered that the island he was on was Ohara, and immediatley went into a panic. He told Robin that the Buster Call, a fleet of ten huge navy ships, were coming to obliterate the island. Robin ran off to town, heading back to the Tree of Knowledge to tell the archeologists there.

At about the same time, Nico Olivia, the only survivor of the archeologists group that had set out 4 years ago, returned to Ohara. She went straight to the Tree of Knowledge, explaining to everyone what was about to happen and prepared a weapon. Right after this, without another word, she left outside. Clover had decided that when the government came, they would have to say that had nothing to do with any True History, even though they were learning all about it from a poneglyph in the Tree's basement.

The CP9 from 20 years ago came along with the Buster Call, appearing a little earlier. Here, they gathered all the townspeople and told them to get to the escape ship, then they rounded up all the archeologists, including Nico Olivia who had just been captured again. Robin stood nearby, looking on.

This is when Professor Clover gets to speak directly with the Five Elder Stars. He told them that he knew of the antient kingdom that existed many years ago. However, just before saying the name of this place, he was shot. This set Robin running toward him. Although Clover continually told Robin to leave, she did not move. This is also when she turns and sees her mother held by two CP9 agents. As they turn and walk off with her, Robin watches, her eyes filling with tears. She asks over and over if she was her mother, but Olivia could not answer. If anyone knew that Robin was the daughter of a criminal, she would also be punished.

However, as soon as the Buster Call arrives and starts to fire the bombs, destroying the island, Robin gets to come face to face with her mother. They both sit together, fire and bombs exploding in the background. Robin looks up to her mother and says this is all she ever wanted, and they stay together.

At about the same time, Saulo appears, seeing Olviia. They quickly recognize eachother. Saulo was once a Vice Admiral, and, after hearing Olivia's story in prison, she was released. Saulo also left after learning of her innocence. Now, Nico Olivia told Saul to take Robin to the rescue ship, and, although Robin was screaming that she didn't want to lose her mother again, Saul took her and ran off. This was the last time Robin seen her mother.

As Saulo ran through the island, constantly being shot by bombs from the Buster Call, he struggles to get Robin to the rescue ship. However, Saulo is interupted by Kuzan ( later known as Aokiji ). Kuzan freezes his leg with his ice Devil Fruit ability, sending Saulo crashing to the ground. Robin looked up to see that Saulo was know being completely frozen by the Vice Admiral Kuzan. Robin makes a run for the escape ship, however, all the people refuse to let her on. The ship sails off, but it suddenly explodes, something that was done by another Vice Admiral, Akainu. Although it was to make sure that no archeologist had escaped, it was a vile act.

This angered not only Saul, but Kuzan also. Saul then starts telling Robin, as Kuzan finished the job, that one day she would discover her nakama, the people who would always be there for her. At these last final words, Saul was completely frozen. Robin, crying, ran off away from Kuzan.

At the Tree of Knowledge, all of the archeologists are desperately trying to save the books by throwing them out of the windows and into the water. This is the last time we seen Olivia, or any of the other archeologists, or even the Tree of Knowledge.

Robin manages to escape Kuzan, however, he appears quickly later. Robin stared, afraid, but Kuzan make a pathway of ice for her to follow on a small raft. It was a token of gratitude since he was once friends with Saul. So, Robin left the burning island.

Robin goes through many homes as she grows up, and the government comes to try and capture her every time. However, she mangages to escape each time. One day, however, she meets a new man named Crocodile, and he accepts her into Boroque works as Vice President. He would ensure her safety if she would give him information on Pluton, an antient destructive weapon.

Soon later, Luffy and the Strawhat pirates enter the story, arriving at the shore of Alabasta with the Princess Vivi. This is also the island where Crocodile and Robin ( here known as Miss All Sunday ), were busy carrying out the plans to find Pluton. Soon later, each strawhat went to fight a seperate Boroque work agent. Luffy, eventually, fought Crocodile in an underground chamber. Here, after defeating Crocodile, he sees Robin. Robin had saved him earlier after almost being killed by Crocodile. However, now, Robin says she doesn't want to be saved in return. Her dream had been finished and she would rather die. Luffy ignores this and pulls her out of the crumbling chamber.

Later on, the Strawhats take their leave from island of Alabasta. Not long after, everyone discovers that Robin had snuck onto the ship. No one trusts here, but Robin says since she didn't have anywhere else to go, she would just join Luffy. Luffy said it was okay, and since then they had been sailing together.

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