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One Piece

List Of One Piece Arcs

There are many different Sagas in the manga and anime One Piece. These Sagas include The East Blue Saga, The Baroque Works Saga, The Skypiea Saga, The CP9 Saga, and the Florian Triangle Saga. These Sagas can then be separated further into many arcs. What follows is a list of these Sagas and Arcs, and summaries of each.

The East Blue Saga

This saga is the first saga in One Piece. It covers the journey towards the Grand Line, and mainly consists of people joining Luffy's crew.

Captain Moran Arc:

Chapters 1-7, Episodes 1-3

It is now that Luffy sets off to become the Pirate King. After running into a Sea King, he ends up on Pirate Alvida's ship. Eventually, he escapes with a new friend, Koby, and they set off for a Marine Island ruled by the devious Captain Axe-Hand Morgan. It is here that Luffy first meets the Bounty Hunter Roronoa Zoro, and, after getting Zoro his swords back, Zoro joins Luffy's crew. Later, they defeat Captain Morgan, and head out to the next location.

Buggy Arc:

Chapters 8-21, Episodes 4-8

Luffy and Zoro now find themselves in a town that has been taken over by the pirate Buggy the Clown. It is here that Luffy's past, in the anime, is reveled, and where Nami, after defeating buggy, joins the crew.

Kuro Arc:

Chapters 22-41, Episodes 9-18

Luffy, Zoro, and Nami now head on to the next island, with a mind set to find a ship. It is here that they first meet Usopp and learn of the Black Cat Pirates. Their captain, Kuro, has set a devious plan to take a large wealth for themselves. Eventually, Luffy beats Kuro, and Usopp joins the crew. Also, the crew gets their first ship, the Going Merry.

Don Krieg Arc:

Chapters 42-68, Episodes 19-30

The Straw Hat Pirates, now with thiner newest member Usopp, head onwards. They reach a sea restaurant, the Baratie, in search for a Chef. However, Krieg, the strongest pirate in the East Blue, appears, wanting to take over the Baratie for himself and his crew. It is also here that the Straw Hat Pirates meet up with Sanji, and, eventually, Sanji joins them.

Arlong Arc:

Chapters 69-95, Episodes 31-45

With Sanji now on the Straw Hat's Crew, they go after Nami, who left them. The next island they come to is one completely controlled by the fish-man pirate Arlong. It is here that we discover Nami's sad history, and how Arlong is the cause of it. After Arlong is defeated, Nami rejoins the crew.

Buggy Side Story Arc:

Episodes 46-47

This is an anime only arc which follows Buggy after he was defeated by Luffy. Buggy meets Alvida in this arc, and the two of them join forces to take down Luffy.

Loguetown Arc:

Chapter 96-100, Episodes 48-53

With the first five members of the crew all together again, they head to the last island in the East Blue. This island is Loguetown, the place of the beginning and end. It is here that the previous Pirate King, Gold Roger, was executed. The Straw Hat's, after gathering new equipment and re-stocking, and also after Luffy nearly gets killed by Buggy, head off towards the Grand Line.

The Warship Island Arc:

Episodes 54-61

This is an anime only arc in which the Straw Hat Pirates find a girl named Apis, who leads them to a Dragon. It is the Straw Hat's job to take the Dragon back to it's home.

The Baroque Works Saga

This saga follows the Straw Hat's journey through the first parts of the Grand Line, assisting a woman named Vivi in her journey home and defeating the Shichibukai Crocodile.

Reverse Mountain Arc:

Chapters 101-105, Episodes 62-63

The Straw Hat's enter the Grand Line through the only portal, Reverse Mountain. It is here that they meet Laboon, a giant whale.

Whiskey Peak Arc:

Chapters 106-114, Episodes 64-67

During this arc, the Straw Hat's reach the first island of the Grand Line, which seemed to be a welcoming place to all of the pirates who first enter the Grand Line. However, all of the people of this island are actually Bounty Hunters who work for Baroque Works. It is also here that the Straw Hats meet Nefeltari Vivi, and assist her on her journey to Alabasta to save her country.

Koby/Helmeppo Side Story Arc

Episodes 68-69

Follows the stories of Koby and Helmeppo as they are selected by Vice Admiral Garp to be trained as marines.

Little Garden Arc:

Chapters 115-129, Episodes 70-77

The crew docks at a large island that is stuck in the prehistoric era. Here, they encounter two giants who have been fighting for 100 years, Dorry and Broggy. Also, they come in contact with four high ranking baroque works members.

Drum Island Arc:

Chapters 130-153, Episodes 78-91

The crew lands on a snowy island known as Drum Island. They land her due to Nami catching a fatal illness, and they need to find a doctor to heal her. Luffy and Sanji find out that they must travel up a huge island in order to bring Nami to the only doctor of the island, the "witch" doctor, Kureha. At the same time, Wapol, the old king who fled the country, returns to retake his throne. Tony Tony Chopper, a reindeer that ate the Human Fruit, helped save Nami then further assisted the Straw Hats in defeating Wapol. In the end, Chopper joins the crew.

Alabasta Arc:

Chapters 154-216, Episodes 92-130

With Tony Tony Chopper on the Straw Hat's crew, they continue onwards towards Alabasta to help Vivi save her country from the devious Baroque Works. Reaching the island, they head out to stop a civil war. They must make it to the rebel's headquarters in time to stop the war, or it would be too late. However, Vivi fails and the two forces hit head on. Luffy heads out to fight Crocodile, and, after a long battle, defeats him. During the moments of Crocodile's defeat, the island of Alabasta, after expierincing a 3 year drought, finally receives rain.

Skypiea Saga:

The Skypiea Saga chronicles the Straw Hat's journey from the ocean to the sky. It centers around a fierce battle against a self-proclaimed God, Enel, and saving an entire country.

Post Alabasta Arc:

Episodes 131-135

After Nico Robin, a former Baroque Works agent, joins the crew, they set off from Alabasta. This arc basically covers a few various adventures the crew has.

Goat Island Arc:

Episodes 136-138

An anime only arc, this arc follows the Straw Hat's journey further down the Grand Line. They land upon an uncharted Island and meet an old man named Zenny. Zeeny, as told by Chopper, has less than 3 days to live, and thus Luffy strives to make those last 3 days perfect.

Rainbow Mist Arc:

Episodes 139-143

The Straw Hat's now land on Ruluka Island, and quickly make enemies with the Mayor and his men. During this arc, the Straw Hats meet Henzo, a scientist doing research on the mysterious Rainbow Mist, a substance that causes a warp in spacetime.

Jaya Arc:

Chapters 217-236, Episodes 144-152

After a huge ship mysteriously falls from the sky, the Straw Hat's discover their Log Pose is pointing straight up to the sky. Bewildered, they dock on an island named Mock Town, a pirates paradise, to learn more. They find a man named Montblanc Cricket, a descendent of a great explorer, Montblanc Norland, who claimed to have found a city of gold. They are also told of a place that existed in the sky. After defeating some troublesome Bellamy Pirates, who try and steal from Cricket, the Strawhat's set out to head to the sky.

Skypiea Arc:

Chapters 237-302, Episodes 153-195

The Straw Hats are told to reach this fantastic Island in the Sky, they must ride upon a huge water stream they shoots upwards into the sky, a stream called Knock-Up Stream. After doing so successfully, the Strawhats land in the "White Sea" which is a sea composed of clouds. Later, they discover a war is occurring between the Sky People and the native people of Skypiea. They also discover Enel, a self-proclaimed God, who wants to destroy everything in Skypiea and take only a select few with him to Fairy Vearth. After defeating Enel, and making peace with the two separate groups of people, the Straw Hat's bid farewell and head back down to the blue sea below.

G8 Arc:

Episodes 196-206

Once landed back on the Blue Sea, the Straw Hat's discover they have landed in a marine base, Marine Base G8. Here, they must get their ship back from the marines and escape.

The CP9 Saga:

This saga follows the Straw Hat's journey to Water 7 and onwards, and mostly centers around saving their nakama, Nico Robin, from the evil hands of the government.

Davy Back Fight Arc:

Chapters 303-321, Episodes 207-219

After escaping the Marine Base G8, they crew lands on an island in which everything appears long. They also encounter Foxy, the captain of the Foxy Pirate Crew. It is here that the Straw Hats are challenged by the Foxy Pirates in a "Davy Back Fight", which is a number of games in which one crew tries to gain crew members by stealing them from the other crew by winning the games.

Ocean's Dream Arc:

Episodes 220-226

After defeating Foxy and his crew, the Straw Hats head onwards. During one night, the crew, all except Nico Robin, looses their memories. Docking on an island, the crew must discover exactly what is going on and find out who exactly caused this.

Water 7 Arc:

Chapters 322-374, Episodes 227-263

Heading onwards, the Straw Hats decide they need a shipwright, for the Going Merry's condition started diminishing. They land on Water 7, a huge and thriving metropolis. It is here that two Straw Hats, Nico Robin and Usopp, leave the crew. Nico Robin leaves for unknown reasons, and Usopp leaves over an argument about getting a new ship. Later, the Straw Hats are framed. The mayor of Water 7, Iceburg, is almost assassinated, and the Straw Hats are blamed. Not only that, but Franky, the leader of a devious group of ship-disassemblers, known as the Franky Family cause some trouble with Luffy and the pirates by stealing their money. After discovering that Robin had given herself up to the government in an attempt to save Luffy and the others, they head out to save her. They find out a secret government group within Water 7, the CP9, who had been disguising themselves as ship builders, were the ones who took Robin, and the Straw Hats aim their sights on them.

Enies Lobby Arc:

Chapters 375-430, Episodes 264-312

The Straw Hats team up with the Franky Family, led by Franky, and the Galley-La team, the shipbuilding team the CP9 had hid in, to go and fight against the government and get back Robin and Franky. Once the attack has been established, they all split up. Luffy declares war against the World Government. We also find out more of Robin's history. The Buster Call, a powerful fleet of marine ships, was also sent to destroy Enies Lobby, along with the Straw Hats. However, in the end, Luffy beats the leader of CP9, Rob Lucci, and gets Robin and Franky back. They leave Enies Lobby in rubble.

Post-Enies Lobby Arc:

Chapters 431-441, Episodes 313-325

The Straw Hats make it back to Water 7 for a time to relax after their victory over Enies Lobby and the loss of their great ship, the Going Merry. Here, Vice Admiral Garp is revealed to be Luffy's Grandfather, and he comes to warn Luffy that the next time they meet, he will capture Luffy. Finally, after Franky builds the Straw Hats a new ship, the Thousand Sunny, Franky ends up joining the crew. Also, Usopp rejoins the crew after asking for forgiveness and they head away from Water 7.

The Florian Triangle Saga

Chapter 442 - Present

The Straw Hats, after leaving Water 7 with their new companion Franky, head the mysterious area of sea known as the Florian Triangle. Here, they land on the largest ship in the world, Thriller Bark, and also encounter one of the great Shichibukai, Moria.