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One Piece


Current Affiliation Straw Hat Pirates
Position Musician
First Appearance Chapter 442, Episode 337
Age 88
Birthday April 3rd
Height 8' 8 1/2" (2m 66cm)
Bounty 33,000,000
Devil Fruit Yomi Yomi no Mi
Dream To sail around the world and reunite with Laboon.

Brook's Biography

Brook, a pirate originally from West Blue, who ate the Yomi Yomi no MI, was once a member and later the captain of the Rumbar Pirates. While sailing in West Blue, a young whale came upon their ship. Seeing the whale was sad, Brook suggested to Captain Yorki, that they play a song. The crew gave the young whale the name Laboon. Upon getting ready for the trip to the Grand Line, the Rumbar Pirates decided it was best to leave Laboon behind in West Blue, because of the dangers that awaited them.

After crossing Reverse Mountain, the Rumbar Pirates, found Laboon right behind them. Due to the damages their ship sustained when crossing Reverse Mountain, the Rumbar Pirates docked at the Twin Capes. There they carried on singing and dancing with Laboon. When the repairs were finished they made a deal with Laboon. Laboon would stay behind and when they had sailed around the world they would take Laboon on their adventures.

After Captain Yorki and some other crew members fell ill to an incurable disease, Brook became the new captain of the Rumbar Pirates. Through his adventures, he earned himself a 33,000,000 bounty. After venturing into the Florian Triangle the Rumbar Pirates were attacked; only a few including Brook survived. However because their attackers poisoned their weapons and the ship doctor had been killed, they all slowly succumbed to the poison and died. Yet they managed to play one final song for Laboon; which Brook recorded on the Tone Dial.

Thanks to the Yomi Yomi no Mi (Revive Revive Fruit), Brook’s soul was able to have a second life. Although due to the thick fog in the Florian Triangle, it took Brook 1 year to find his body. He then spent the next 50 years on the ship, unable to escape the Florian Triangle because the rudder was broken. Roughly 5 years before the start of the series, his ship came upon Thriller Bark where his shadow was taken by Moria.


Brook being a skeleton is mainly comprised of bones. He is extremely tall, standing 8 feet 8 ½ inches (2m 66cm). He wears an obviously tailored black suit, with matching shoes and top hat. Completing his outfit is his huge afro and his purple sword-cane.



Brook is one of the light hearted, yet sometimes childish members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Despite having the “gentlemen” look, Brook can lack manners at the most inappropriate times. For example he frequently belches during a meal, request to see women’s panties, tries to borrow money from a female mermaid, and is very impatient when waiting for food. At the end of his “skull jokes” (a joke referring to him being a skeleton) he usually adds “Yohoho”.



Although seemingly a little odd, he has various strengths common to One Piece. During his first life he at the Yomi Yomi no Mi (Revive Revive Fruit), thus gaining a second life when he died. He is quite comical in tough situations, yet he can be serious at the same time. Brook’s fighting style is focused around two things, his cane sword and music. Some of his techniques can put his enemies and at times his own crew mates to sleep. His swordsmanship most resembles fencing.

Attack List

Hanauta Sanchou: Yahazu Giri
Translation: Three-Verse Humming: Arrow-Notch Slash. An insanely fast slashing attack where the user appears to walk by his opponent.
Aubade Coup Droit
Translation: Dawn Serenade - Right Handed Strike. A technique in which the sword unleashes a highly compacted "blast of air".
Prelude Au Fer
Translation: Prelude meaning after. Au Fer comes from a French fencing term. A disarming attack in which the user attacks to opponents weapon.
Gavotte Bond en Avant
Translation: Gavotte Leap Forward. This is a thrusting technique in which the user propels himself forward.
Polka Remise
Translation: Polka Continuation. A repetitive thrusting technique. To a bystander it would appear that the user is attacking with multiple swords.
Nemuriuta Flanc
Translation: Lullaby Parry. This technique has the user using his sword in combination with a violin. Thus causing anyone to hear it fall asleep. While asleep the user can gain free hits on his opponent.
Swallow Bond En Avant
Translation: Swallow Leap Forward. This is an aerial version of Gavotte Bond En Avant. When above the their opponent the user preforms a spinning Gavotte Bond En Avant.
Raikotsuken: Gavotte Bond en Avant
Translation: Lightning Bone Sword: Gavotte Leap Forward. This is a comination attack with the help of Ussop, Robin, and Nami.